Full color laser tattoo removal.

Full color tattoo removal is in Southbury, CT at Grace Medical Aesthetics. Our Quanta EVO Q-Plus C Laser is the industry favorite for tattoo removal. The Quanta EVO Q-Plus C treats full color tattoos using a Q-switched laser and three wavelengths to accurately reach all depths of colors in the skin. Our tattoo removal nurses have trained extensively to provide our clients with exceptional tattoo removal results and comfortable treatment.

The first question we often hear is “Does tattoo removal hurt?”. At Grace Medical Aesthetics, our tattoo removal nurses care first and foremost about our client’s comfort level. All tattoos are numbed with a high potency lidocaine based numbing cream prior to treatment. During the tattoo removal treatment, ice packs and a cooling spray are used between laser pulses. The tattoo removal session is not completely painless, however we do our best to minimize all discomfort. Individual pain tolerances may vary, but clients have expressed the tattoo removal process is less painful than initially getting the tattoo and compare the laser to a snap of a rubber band.

Clients looking for tattoo removal at Grace Medical Aesthetics are as unique as their tattoo, and so is their treatment plan! The number of sessions needed to fully remove a tattoo depends on many factors. The size, color, and age of the tattoo all factor in to the length of the tattoo removal process. On average, anywhere from 6-10 sessions are needed to completely remove the unwanted tattoo.*

Tattoo removal at Grace Medical Aesthetics is priced per “playing card” sized area. Each “playing card” sized area is $100 per session. 

Tattoo Removal FAQ's

Tattoo Removal pre + post care instructions


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