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The #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment. No needles, no surgery, no downtime.

CoolSculpting is the revolutionary fat reduction treatment that offers a non-surgical alternative to liposuction for reducing unwanted body fat. As the #1 non-invasive body sculpting procedure, healthy men and women can finally reduce belly fat, thigh fat, love handles, a double chin, and practically any other stubborn fat deposit that resists diet and exercise. CoolSculpting is safe, natural looking, and impressively effective. Typical CoolSculpting results measured in clinical studies reveal an average reduction of 25% belly fat after one treatment with CoolSculpting. As the premiere Southbury CoolSculpting provider, Grace Medical Aesthetics can help you get that slim and sculpted body you’ve been waiting for.

Grace Medical Aesthetics is the CoolSculpting provider that Connecticut and New York women and men trust to eliminate excess, stubborn fat. Client safety and satisfaction are our primary motivators. Better results are achieved by providing clients of Grace with the latest advancements in CoolSculpting technology, offering all available applicators, CoolAdvantage, CoolSmoothPro, CoolMini, and CoolPetite, making Grace Medical Aesthetics a certified "CoolSculpting Complete Practice". Grace Medical Aesthetics employs only the most qualified CoolSculpting specialists. Our specialists have received extensive training from Zeltiq's CoolSculpting University, which pays off with safe, effective fat reduction treatments.

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Grace Medical Aethetics coolsculpting complete practice

*individual results may vary.

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  •    #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure.

  •    Targets stubborn belly fat, love handles, and more.

  •    Affordable, quick, and convenient.

  •    Scientifically proven with natural looking results..

  •    Sculpt and define musculature.

  •    Non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

  •    CoolSculpting is safe and FDA approved.

  •    Virtually painless with no downtime*.

CoolSculpting FAQ's

CoolSculpting pre + post care instructions

The CoolSculpting machine applies controlled cooling to a treatment area to freeze fat cells. Each CoolSculpting machine comes with interchangeable applicators, each designed to treat a specific part of the body. Grace Medical Aesthetics offers fat reduction using the latest technology from Zeltiq, the makers of CoolSculpting. A cupped applicator, known as the CoolAdvantage, is the most versatile applicator and can treat most parts of the body. The CoolAdvantage is the quickest applicator offered by CoolSculpting and Grace Medical Aesthetics, treating various areas in just 35 minutes. The CoolSmoothPro is a flat applicator that requires no suction and is ideal for longer body parts that do not have “pinchable fat”, such as outer thigh fat. There are also smaller cupped applicators designed to reach areas such as a double chin, the CoolMini, or upper arm fat, the CoolPetite. Once the appropriate CoolSculpting applicator is properly in place controlled cooling safely freezes the subcutaneous fat lying below the skin, without harming the skin or surrounding tissue.

The beauty of Grace Medical Aesthetics being a CoolSculpting Complete Practice is that our specialists are able to customize your ideal treatment plan. We seek to tailor your CoolSculpting treatment exactly as your body needs to meet your goals and alleviate your concerns. Grace Medical Aesthetics CoolSculpting specialists pride themselves on honest, realistic goals and outcomes. You will not be selected as a candidate for a treatment plan we do not feel is in your best interest. Rest assured that a CoolSculpting treatment plan that has been customized by a Grace Medical Aesthetics CoolSculpting specialist will keep your budget, time, and goals as the main focus.


CoolSculpting Price: How much does CoolSculpting cost?

Overall, when compared to other fat reduction treatments, such as liposuction, a typical CoolSculpting price tag is a lower than many clients expect. However, the specific CoolSculpting cost depends on the number of areas being treated and the number of treatments performed. Grace Medical Aesthetics offers some of the most affordable CoolSculpting prices in Connecticut and during your free consultation we will discuss CoolSculpting prices, our CoolSculpting Loyalty program, and available payment options.

Does CoolSculpting hurt?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment. It does not traumatize the body like other fat reduction procedures such as liposuction. Of course, individual experiences may vary but the majority of our clients report CoolSculpting to be relatively painless. During the CoolSculpting procedure, the most likely occurrence of mild discomfort takes place at the beginning of the treatment, after the CoolSculpting applicator is in place and the CoolSculpting machine is turned on, exposing the treatment area to controlled cooling. Clients liken the sensation during this part of the CoolSculpting procedure to an ice pack placed on your skin. Typically, the skin becomes numb within a few minutes and any discomfort dissipates quickly. The other instance during the procedure that can be uncomfortable for a few clients comes after the CoolSculpting machine is turned off and the applicator is removed. At this point your CoolSculpting specialist will massage the treatment area for a couple of minutes. This ensures your fat reduction looks natural and symmetrical. Some clients may experience discomfort during the massage, but most do not. While discomfort varies from person to person, most say CoolSculpting was not painful. In fact, most clients just lay back, relax, play on their phone, work from their phone, or take a nap.

What is the CoolSculpting procedure like?

During a CoolSculpting session, an applicator is positioned to the treatment area. When the machine begins cooling, you may feel a bit tight and strange in the treatment area. Typically around the 4-minute mark, the treatment area will go numb and many patients don’t feel a thing for the remainder of the treatment. After the applicator is removed, we massage the area for 2 minutes and the treatment is completed.

Is CoolSculpting safe?

Yes. CoolSculpting is FDA approved and scientifically substantiated as a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that safely exposes fat cells to controlled cooling, without harming surrounding tissue or skin. While all medical procedures have the potential for adverse reactions, CoolSculpting side effects are rare and short lasting. The most common CoolSculpting side effects consist of mild redness, swelling, or tingling.


CoolSculpting Results: When will I see results?

While experiences may vary, typically, optimal CoolSculpting results are seen at 8-12 weeks post treatment. Every client’s body reacts differently. We have clients see results in 3-5 weeks, while other clients see gradual improvement up to the 12-16 weeks mark. During your free consultation, your CoolSculpting specialist will discuss what to expect and when you may begin to see CoolSculpting results after your CoolSculpting session.

Is there any down time after CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is non-invasive and for the vast majority of clients, there is no down time! While experiences may vary, typically after the CoolSculpting treatment clients can get right back to their daily activities. It is not unusual to feel a bit tender and numb for a few days in the treated area following a CoolSculpting procedure, but this sensation is temporary.

What are CoolSculpting side effects?

CoolSculpting side effects are uncommon. But it is not unusual to experience mild redness, numbness, tenderness or bruising following the CoolSculpting treatment. These side effects are temporary and usually do not cause interruption to a client’s normal, daily activities. During your free consultation, your specialist will discuss any potential CoolSculpting side effects in detail, and will be available following your procedure if you have any questions or concerns regarding your CoolSculpting treatment.


Can CoolSculpting reduce a double chin?

Yes, the CoolMini, an applicator from CoolSculpting is specifically designed to reduce submental fat, commonly known as a double chin. Besides reducing double chin fat, the CoolMini is ideal for reducing small, but stubborn fat deposits such as bra bulge, or armpit fat, and fat above the knees.

Am I a good candidate for CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is not intended to help people lose weight. It is a fat reduction treatment designed for healthy men and women who struggle with stubborn fat deposits that resist diet and exercise. The best way to find out if you are an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting is to schedule a free consultation with a CoolSculpting specialist.

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